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Custom Boxes

Shipping Box

Shipping boxes are your typical rectangular boxes with any length, width and depth (LxWxH). These boxes can be made in any strength of board. In either kraft, white or black paper.

regular slotted box.jpg

Printed Box

Printed boxes include any stock or custom box style, printed with your design in any colour.

Printed box 1.PNG

These boxes are custom made and have a 2-3 week turnaround time for orders placed within Saskatchewan. 


Minimum order quantity 100 custom size boxes. 


Minimum order quantity 250 custom print boxes.

Mailer Box

fold up mailer boxes.PNG

Hauling Box

Easy to carry custom hauling boxes have handles. Cover it with a custom lid. These open top boxes are perfect for hauling groceries.

Hauling Box.PNG

Simple to open and close your box repeatedly. This lid-closing box can also be ordered with a locking tab. Mailer boxes come in standard and custom sizes.

Produce Box

Storage Box

Use this box to store your paperwork and file important documents. Handles make it easy to move your files.

Storage Box.PNG
Produce Box.PNG

With uniquely designed holes to allow your produce to breath. A sliding close lid allows repeated opening and closing. With handles it's easy to haul around your produce. Take these boxes with you to farmers markets or to ship to suppliers.

Full Overlap Box

Full overlap boxes create a sturdy base. Each flap fully covers one another, with four layers of corrugated paper on the top and bottom of your box once closed.

Multidepth box.PNG

Perfect if you need to change the depth of your box over time. Easily adjust the box to have as many depths as you want for the different products you'll be packaging.

Multi-Depth Box


Custom Insert Box

Custom inserts can be made for any box. Secures your products inside the box without movement. Let us know what you need a custom insert for and we can make it for you.

Custom divider inserts can be made for any box that will allow you to secure your products without movement.

Box dividers.PNG
Custom Insert boxes.PNG

Divider Insert Box

Bin Box

Used primarily for showcasing products on shelving. These boxes make it easy to package and display products so customers can easily purchase.

Bin Box.PNG

Used for taking employee suggestions, taking anonymous tips, or in election campaigns. These boxes contain a small single slot at the top of the box where paper can be inserted.

Ballot Box.PNG

Ballot Box

Suitcase Box

Easily transport your products with the easy to carry handle. The mailer box style has a closing lid so you can repeatedly open and close it.

Used to display products in store. Customers can easily pick out products and pay. Get your shelf display box in any number of shelves and sizes.

Shelf Display Box.PNG

Shelf Display Box

Suitcase Box.PNG

Pizza Box

Every take out pizza needs a box! We can create custom pizza boxes to fit your pizza. Customize each box with your logo printed on each box.

Pizza Box.PNG

Food Packaging Box

Take out boxes for any kind of food, catering, baked goods, or charcuterie boards. Customize each box with your logo printed on each box.

Die Cut Box

Made in any shape or form. Die cut boxes include pizza box, mailer box, hauling box and bin box. These types of boxes go through a different manufacturing process using a steel cutting die compared to your typical shipping box that uses a rite-size machine.

These type of boxes are perfect for hauling multiple items at once. They are commonly used for hauling canned goods, beer cans, or potted plants.

box tray.PNG

Box Tray

Die Cut boxes.PNG

Bulk Cargo Boxes

Variety of size boxes to be used for shipping products or materials. Heavy duty materials.

Sheets & Pads

Sheets and pads are excellent for use as dividers or shock absorbers. 

Moving Boxes

Standard and custom size moving boxes great for packing up your home. 

White Boxes

Like a regular cardboard box, with a bit of style. White boxes are a great base to add your logo to.

Weather Resistant Boxes

Boxes to withstand harsh weather.

E-Commerce Boxes

E-commerce packaging boxes used to ship your product. Examples include subscription style boxes, product boxes, and more.

Easy Fold Mailers

Easily foldable these mailer style boxes can be used for a variety of product packaging, including food and beverage.

Small mailers can be used to package and mail important documents, books, booklets, photos, and clothing. 

Small Mailers

Outside-Tuck Mailers

Great for packaging food or any product you need "locked" securely.

Literature Boxes

Used to package literature including documents, books, booklets, presentations, pamphlets, and flyers.

Custom Boxes: Products

Flat Boxes

Flat boxes to be used to package your products, stackable, and eco-friendly.

Telescoping Boxes

Telescoping boxes used for gift boxes, housing products, and technology. 

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